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Recycling is a major factor in today's world. Diacon Demolition’s passion for recycling targets speaks for itself as we say "we are not a crash and carry contractor" which unfortunately is rife in our industry today. Each week a majority of demolition contractors needlessly direct thousands of tons of recyclable waste into landfill sites which is uneconomical, unsustainable and is an inefficient use of resources.

The Client can be assured that when Diacon Demolition is carrying out a project, if it can be recycled it will be recycled. From the very start of the demolition process everything apart from contaminated, toxic and hazardous materials will be recycled. From sundry items to fixtures and fittings, doors & windows, kitchen units, to other structural materials such as timber and steel beams, and even down to concrete, brick and limestone, vegetation, grass and trees all go through the recycling process.

Our everyday aim on each project is to achieve maximum recycling target.

Please contact us for more information and we will be more than happy to get back to you with your queries as soon as possible.

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